Poland Visa: Things I Need For Applying Full Guide

Poland Visa: Things I Need For Applying Full Guide
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Today will talk everything about my experience for getting Poland Visa. There are two kind of visa: National Visa and Schengen Visa. National Visa of Poland is valid for 365 days. On other hands, Schengen Visa of Poland is valid for stays up to 90 days.

First of all, the most important and difficult stage of getting VISA is Appointment. You can’t easily get visa appointment from the embassy. I suggest you, try for the appointment before 2 or 3 months of your plan.

I know how difficult is to get an appointment. My University classes are starting from 3rd October but I didn’t get the appointment on time. Due to that, I have to apply next session and apply for new offer letter which I got from next year, 3rd March.

I will provide you all details in very deep and you can get your visa easily. Additional, adding documents samples and questions for getting Student Visa. Recently, I got my National visa for Poland and all information is genuine.

Poland Visa: Documents you need to apply for visa

Poland Visa: Documents Requirements

In short, all listed below documents are very important to carry in the embassy. If you miss any of these documents then chances of visa refusal increases. So be careful and complete the documents before your appointment.

  1. Appointment For VISA
  2. Biometric Photo
  3. Cover Letter
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Bank Certificate
  6. Affidavit Of Sponsorship Letter
  7. Resume
  8. Invitation Letter
  9. Offer Letter
  10. Academic Certificate
  11. Identity Card
  12. Insurance
  13. Flight Ticket
  14. Authentic Letter From University
  15. Accommodation Letter
  16. Visa Fees: 4400inr
  17. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  18. Letter of Recommendation
  19. Recept Of Fees
  20. ITR
  21. Affidavit Of Support
  22. Finance Documents
  23. Prepare Yourself For Interview Questions
  24. Check Visa Status (Click Here)

Let us discuss briefly all the important required documents. Will share all the details and download link of samples. You just have to edit on your basis.

Appointment For Poland Visa

First of all, I already mentioned that most difficult to get an appointment. Also, you have to apply for it before two or three months.

Steps To Getting Appointment For Poland Visa

  1. Click here to register appointment.
  2. Select your country and region.
  3. In the left sidebar, you get options to apply for the visa.
  4. Choose your VISA type: National Visa or Schengen Visa.

In case, you failed to get the appointment. Comment your email in the comment box for getting visa appointment. I help you to get your appointment as soon as possible.

Biometric Photograph

Biometric Photograph is a photo in which dimensions, color, and face expression should be in the proper manner. You need photograph in which no changes made.

  • Size: 35mm x 45mm
  • Background color: White
  • Head Position and Face Emotion: Look directly to a camera without any emotion and smile. If your both ears are visible in the photo then the photo is correctly clicked.

Cover Letter

You need a Cover letter in which your all detail is given in short. Download my cover letter and make changes with your information.

Download Now


I am also adding my resume, you can download from below. Don’t forget to make changes in the resume with yours.

Download Now

Bank Statement

You can get your Bank Statement from directly to banks. You have to update your passbook with sufficient funds. Also, You can’t withdraw money until you get your visa on time. Minimum funds should be more than Rs.500,000/-

Bank Certificate

I am adding below the sample of bank certificate. On bank certificate, it must be on letterhead of the bank and signed by the branch manager. Bank certificate conveys that you have an account with them and the current amount available in the bank.

Download Now

Affidavit Of Sponsorship Letter

This sponsorship letter should be on stamp paper with the notary and signed by a lawyer. On the deponent, must be signed by your father or who is sponsoring your expenses.

Download Now

Academic Certificate

Make a xerox copy of your all academic certificate. Apostille your 12th standard or 10+2 mark sheet.


You need insurance for getting the visa. You can get insurance from many companies. Mostly it done from Rs.6000 to Rs.10000 depends on your plan. Get insurance from Bajaj or Reliance or Religare Health Insurance. Only they accept insurance from selected companies so before buying make sure it acceptable.

Flight Ticket

Don’t forget to bring your flight ticket. You can block your tickets in Rs.500 and print the ticket. Please, make sure that your flight ticket should be for round trip. Round trip ticket should be between one-year interval. Example: I book a flight for 10 January 2017 and return flight ticket was 9 January 2017. So like that book or block your flight tickets.

Visa Fees

It cost Rs.4400 per visa application. They don’t accept old notes of 500 and 1000. So, bring new notes and make a payment.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Download Sample from below download button. Make sure that your purpose should be clearly mentioned.

Download Now

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Letter of Recommendation

This letter you can get from your school on the letterhead. You can get a sample of my LOR from below download button. Replace my name and subjects with yours. It is perfect and they will accept it.

Download Now

Receipt Of Fees

Never give your VISA receipt to anyone. Carry your Visa receipt to the embassy for getting a visa from the embassy. Remember, make a photocopy of your receipt or capture photo of slip. In case, you lost your receipt then it will help you to get the visa. Without slip, you can’t get a visa from the embassy.

Income Tax Return (ITR)

Most important is ITR, they must be above Rs.500,000 or PLN 31,000 (1 PLN=Rs.17). ITR should be of your father or who is sponsoring your expenses. I took three years of ITR of my father. Make a xerox copy of ITR and that’s all.

Prepare Yourself For Interview Questions

I am adding some important questions which will ask from you. Please, don’t ignore these questions. I am sure that if you prepare this questions then definitely you can crack that interview.

Question.1: Why you choose Poland?

Question.2: What is your course name and college name?

Question.3: Duration of course?

Question.4: What your Father Occupation and salary?

Question.5: What subject will you learn in your course?

Check Poland Visa Status

You can check your visa status from this link. I got the visa result next day after the interview. So, if you came from the very distance then wait for a day. Next day, you will get your Schengen VISA or National Visa result.

NOTE: If you are coming for collecting your visa. Please, don’t be happy! Don’t come to embassy from very far distance. Call your relatives or friends to collect your visa. Most of the time, people come there to collect visa but they get Refusal Letter to Appeal.

So, if you want to save your money and time then please don’t come from the very far distance. You can give your Poland Visa receipt to your friends or relatives who are living nearby embassy of Poland. They can collect your visa easily by slip or receipt.

Complete all listed documents and get your Poland Schengen Visa Approved.

Poland Visa Rejected: What I Do Next?

First of all, you don’t have to worry! please calm down. For the first time, my national visa of Poland also got rejected. Now think from their side, why your visa is not acceptable to them. Also, they clearly mention on refusal letter, why your Poland Visa is refused.

Now, I will help you to get your visa if you have genuine documents and your intentions are not to stay there. In addition, you will be charged you the same amount for every appeal application. So don’t forget to bring money with you at the embassy.

Appeal Letter For Schengen Visa Or National Visa

Submit an appeal letter with documents which covers your refusal points. After submitting your remaining documents on the counter and they will say you to wait outside for your interview.

Now, this is very important as per my views because it can make your life. If they say that there is no need of interview because consular don’t think it is important. If it happens to you then please wait! Maybe next time you will not get a chance to clear your things to consular. So Let’s us understand!

How I Get My Visa Appeal Approved?

First of all, my national visa for Poland was rejected for two reasons.

  1. Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the could not be ascertained.
  2. You have not justified the purpose or conditions of the intended stays.

Now, you have to prove that you will not do any illegal immigrant and you will back to your country after completing your studies. So, I knock on the consular door and ask him to give me only 5 minutes. And he says okay I will call you please wait outside. After that, he calls me inside of the room and we start talking.

I explain to consular that I will not do any illegal immigrant and I will back to my country. For that, I show them, my father legal business documents and cards. I make him believe that I just want to go there for studies only.

Finally, he wrote everything that I explain him on the backside of my application which increases chances of getting my visa. I think most important is to talk them about your purpose. It will help you to get your visa quickly without any rejections.

I hope you find this article helpful for you. If any problem or query, you can comment below your questions. I will answer them quickly or even you can email me on trickflu@gmail.com for any information.


  1. Last year I have got letter of Offer from the University of Wroclaw. But I can not get an appointment from the embassy. Though I have lack of experience of providing it. By the way upcoming year I am trying to get an appointment. Website is showing Lack of appointment. I do not know how get an appointment from embassy of Poland in New Delhi. My proposed appointment would be August at first week.

  2. Hey, Don’t worry now I will guide you for getting an appointment. Can you email me your WhatsApp number and your university intake date..

  3. Hi I have a invitation letter from my girlfriend’s mother for 6 months .Nd I want to apply national visa .what documents I need to have???

  4. Hello sir
    My documents are going under process and i am preparing myself for the interview but the one things that concern me that i have low percentage in my high school level and gap of 5 years how much is the chances for me to get the visa
    Could you please assist me.

  5. Hey
    i am planning to go to poland for my course starting on september 28. as of now i am hearing slots are not opened for last three months. any idea when slots will be opened and a tentative date when we will get interview slot?

  6. hii..can u please help me out i had appointment for 31 july 2017 . but some doc are not prepare so i need a extansion i have a intake of oct 1. but if i miss this date . dates upto sep 26 are packed.

  7. i have got a chance in bachelor of computer sc in wroclaw university of technology .I have 1 year gap in class 12 . will there be any problem in getting visa?and i have got 72% in 10 and 52% in 12 this year.61 in physics.please help me.

  8. Hello,

    I apply for national D type visa i have mention all the required details and attached the contract copy, Invitation letter, 1 year agreement copy, letter of motivation in that i narrated clearly y i should be there and all but still they refused my visa application on 2points
    1. justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
    2. your intention to leave the territory of the republic of poland before expiry of the visa could not determined.
    it was happen on 1st of july 2017 so can you please help me for getting a National visa
    Thanking you,

    With Regards,

  9. Hello sir ,
    I am unable to book an appointment for the national visa. It’s shows lack of date available to the 6/09/2017. I tried before it was showing lack of date to the 23/08/2017 now it’s showing lack of date to the 6/09/2017 an I was worried since I need an earlier appointment in order to prepare all the rest of the document prepare all of be rest of the documents requested by the school and to prepare for my academic year
    Also my advanced level certificate in not yet out and the GCE board gave me the confirmation of results and the certificate of non deliverance of the diploma to attest that the certificate are not yet out. Will it cause me a problem?

  10. Hello sir ,
    I am unable to book an appointment for the national visa. It’s shows lack of date available to the 6/09/2017. I tried before it was showing lack of date to the 23/08/2017 an I was worried since I need an earlier appointment in order to prepare all the rest of the document prepare all of be rest of the documents requested by the school and to prepare for my academic year
    Also my advanced level certificate in not yet out and the GCE board gave me the confirmation of results and the certificate of non deliverance of the diploma to attest that the certificate are not yet out. Will it cause me a problem?

  11. Hey i got my appointment date is 21 August, i have a admission letter from wroclaw university, i paid all of university fees and take insurance and everything they want now i am little bit worried about people’s reviews like poland embassy refused everyone and they pretend so rude. Actually what happened there exactly ?

  12. Hello Pankaj
    My son has got conditional offer letter for B.Sc. in Computers from Warsaw University of Technology and classes will start in October 2017. University has asked us to submit docs and to pay fees for Acceptance Letter. But when I checked online for appointment to submit visa file, there is no appointment date till 31st October. Can you please help us to get appointment date in the Month of August. i shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

  13. Hi brother i m from Bangladesh. I have got offer letter from Gdansk University of Technology.My class will start on 6th Oct but in Delhi embessy there is no appointment. Could you please help?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. I got rejection on my student visa twice.
    If I think of applying again Im not getting dates for appointment.Please help if U can.I have done every possible thing from my side.

  15. Hi Pankaj Patidar,

    I have to start my PhD by October 2nd in Poland, Can you please help me getting appointment in the Mumbai Poland Embassy this month.

    Thank you.


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