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G Suite Referral Code that can help you to save your money in many ways. Google Suite also is known as Google Apps for Work is one of the best platforms for cloud computing. Are you new in a business field then try Google Apps? This article helps you get started with Google Apps.

If you own a company or organization and just signed up then use our G Suite Referral Codes to get 20% additional discount on your subscription. G Suite is one stop solution for you. Only one simple subscription can start collaborating work with your teammates effortlessly.

You haven’t heard of Google G Suite then you will certainly have heard of some of the constituent Apps in the Office Suite like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides etc. Together they will send your productivity through the roof.

G Suite Referral Code

How to Sign Up On G Suite?

I will tell you to step by step tutorial to sign up on Google G Suite. You can use this service for 30 days free as a trial. You also don’t need any debit or credit card to use trial service of G Suite. Before or after trial service you find this helpful for you then you can also extend this service for upcoming months.

  1. First of all, visit G Suite sign up page.
  2. Click on Start free trial button. (As shown in below image)
    g suite sign up button start now
  3. Enter your Name, preferred business Email and set the password.
    g suite promo code sign up form
  4. Now, configure Email with your Domain Registrar.
    Use CNAME as mail and alias (value) as ghs.googlehosted.com
    Use MX record name as yourdomain.com and value + priority (as shown in below image)
    G Suite MX records
  5. Done! You can now use Gmail service directly from mail.yourdomain.com

If you have found any problem, then just ask for Google Expert Support or post on Google Forum.

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G Suite Referral Code For 20% Discount

Use my referral code to get exclusive 20% discount. I will tell you to step by step To apply the promotional code. The pricing is as low as $5 per month for limited storage (30GB). While you want more power, you can pick monthly subscription package for just $10 with Unlimited Storage and Vault.

  1. First of all, Visit Billing Admin Console.
  2. Now head over to Billing section of the app console. (as shown in below image)
    G Suite Billing Section
  3. Next, You will be asked to choose Flexible or Annual Plan, Choose Annual Plan.
    G Suite Annual Plan
  4. Now send us an email on trickflu@gmail.com for unique G Suite Referral code.
  5. Write your name and specify country on email and then send us within 30 minutes will send you a referral code.
  6. I’m also sharing an alternate method to get automatic 20% discount via referral link. You just have to click the link and your G Suite Promo Code automatically applied at the signup.
  7. You will get Flat 20% discount instant, now pay the remaining balance with the suitable payment method.

NOTE: If your country link is not given below then send us an email on trickflu@gmail.com. We will send you a new promo code directly to your email.

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G Suite Referral Link – Alternate Method

Yesterday, I thought that instead of sending the promo code to everyone. Why don’t I share G Suite promotional link to you for better and quick process? Finally, I am sharing all referral links with the specific country. So, the user can enjoy 20% discounts instantly.

Don’t worry if your country not listed below. Also, if any referral links not work then let me know by email. You can send an email to trickflu@gmail.com for getting the G Suite Referral Code. At last, I will reply you within 30 minutes with your G Suite Referral Code.

Please, send me an email with your name and country and will send you a brand new G Suite Promo Code. Also, if you don’t want to sign up using the link then we can also provide G Suite Referral Code.

G Suite Referral Link By Country

G Suite Discounts Based On Country

I am sharing a full list of discounted price and the actual price of G Suite. You can check how much discount you will get from these promotional codes. I make a full list on the basis of country wise discounts.

Asia Pacific G Suite Offers

CountryPrice/yearDiscounted Price/year
IndiaINR 1500INR 1200
Hong Kong$50$40
New Zealand$50$40

America G Suite Offers

CountryPrice/yearDiscounted Price/year

Europe G Suite Promotional Offer

CountryPrice/yearDiscounted Price/year

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Introduction To G Suite

G Suite has all apps at one place so it helps users to work effortlessly. G Suite also comes with the basic difference that Google Apps are built for Individual use and G Suite can only be used for Business or Enterprise use.

All Google Apps like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides And Google Sites can be used directly from G Suite account.

G Suite Announces App Maker For G Suite Customers

G Suite is formally known as Google Apps for Work, also Google Apps for Your Domain. Google has been working a lot lately to enhance the service and this week they announced both an App Maker as well as some new apps for the Recommended for G Suite program.

Recently, Google has also announced a new service called App Maker, for those businesses who want to quickly make a custom application to suite their needs. There is some coding that could be involved in making the app with the service. The goal is to limit coding by using a cloud-based IDE that has a number of templates built into it.

It uses a drag-and-drop user interface with point-and-click data modeling to help decrease the amount of time it takes to develop your application.

They have been working with some of their larger G Suite customers and allowing them to test out App Maker for the last few months. After taking in feedback and reiterating the product, Google feels it is ready for more G Suite customers to utilize.

In addition, it’s not available to all G Suite customers right now, though. It’s included in their Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business customers. You’ll have to apply to the Early Adopter Program by clicking here if you want to try it out.

G Suite Benefits:

1. Business Identity

Generally, most of the users have used Google Gmail with an email address as yourname@gmail.com but now things have changed a bit with time. You can now use Google Gmail with email id as username@yourname.com.  I am also a G Suite user, I can use Gmail with my business email address ap@pankajpatidar.com to receive or send emails.

  1. Ad-Free Experience For Life

No more ads! Enjoy an ad-free Gmail when you sign up for G Suite. Google gives you a more professional mailing with zero advertisements on it. Build a professional email for yourself that only focus on growing your business.

  1. High Storage Up To 30 GB

When you sign up for G Suite, you get inbuilt storage of 30GB. The same which can be used to store your Google Gmail attachments and your Google Drive files such as documents, images or videos.

Google Drive

If you want to get more storage power than you can upgrade to the unlimited plan for just additional 5$ per month. I have also provided a G Suite referral code that can reduce your final amount by 20%.

  1. 24/7 Live Customer Support

You also get a priority support if you face any problem using G Suite. If you even don’t know how to setup your account, a Google executive will help you over call on this.

Furthermore, the calling support is available almost in 14 Languages and the same will be applied to email support. Get the list of toll-free support numbers for 14 countries.

  1. Integrate With Email Clients

If you are a regular user of any third party email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or almost all other clients, then you can configure G Suite with them easily.

To send SMTP emails apply following settings on your email client.

  1. First of all, use outgoing server: smtp-relay.gmail.com
  2. Now, Use default port as 587 (recommended) or 25, 465
  3. Finally, you are ready to sent SMTP relay emails.

Using G Suite you can do all your things in professional ways. G Suite is the best way to handle all your workers and customers quickly. Recently, G Suite also launched its own App Maker. Google built 100+ apps from G Suite App Maker.I think your company need is G Suite for more engagement with visitors. Increase your site sales and traffic with G Suite. Track your all

I think your company need is G Suite for more engagement with visitors. Increase your site sales and traffic with G Suite. Track your all activities in only one tool with ads free. So, you can sign up by above g suite referral code and links.

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Thanks for reading my post! If you have any issue on using G Suite Referral Code. Please, do comments your questions or query. I’m here to answer your query.

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