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Presenting, Newspaper 7.7 WordPress Theme Free Download. You can create your own blog within minutes using Newspaper 7.7 theme. Because it has all that features which make its installation really quick and easy.

Recently, on 1st November 2016, the theme has new update version and named as Newspaper 7.7 Theme. Currently, I am also using this theme at trypromocode.

Although, Newspaper version 7.7 template is outstanding for a news blog, newspaper, magazine, technology niche blog, publishing or review site. In addition, supports videos from YouTube and also features a rating system.

So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. Also, Newspaper theme supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

7.7 is the latest version of Newspaper Theme which is absolutely free to download at trypromocode. Also, we published an article on Top 10 Best Technology Free Themes of WordPress. In addition, you can also use them for your new blog.

All the queries are hand inspect to be optimal, all the images and resources are carefully compressed to make the site load blazing fast. All the scripts are profiled and modified to run at the top speed which results best in Google Page Speed.

Newspaper 7

Newspaper 7.7 Theme Free Download

First of all, Download newspaper 7.7 theme for below given links. In addition, added demo look of the theme. It is absolutely free and fast theme.

Download Newspaper 7.7 Theme Of WordPress For Free - Click Here
Newspaper 7.7 Demo - Click Here

How To Activate Newspaper 7.7 Theme WordPress

  1. First of all, download the new update of newspaper theme from above link.
  2. Next, go to Admin Panel of Your Blog.
  3. Go to the Theme then Activate the theme.
  4. Enter below code to activate the theme.
    Envato Purchase Code:
    Activation Key:
  5. Finally, your newspaper theme is successfully activated.
    Newspaper 7.7 Activation

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Newspaper 7 Theme Update Log

In addition, sharing Newspaper Theme Version wise update log. It helps you to understand is that necessary to upgrade your current theme version of a newspaper. Have a look

Newspaper Version 7.7 Update Log

  • New: this theme version has support for block templates and it comes with 17 bundled templates. A block template can change the appearance of a blocks title, pagination and more. The global block template will also affect the way comments, related posts and widgets look and feel.
  • New: widgets can use block templates that are different from the global one that is selected in the panel.
  • New: options for google font weights and styles. The theme will only load the needed font weights and styles from now on.
  • Misc: added footer social icons color option.
  • Fix: update the Instagram icon.
  • Misc: The Header Style section from Theme Panel was redesigned with icons to be more user-friendly.
  • Misc: image box block now supports custom gaps between pictures and custom heights
  • Fix: the password reset link that was sent from our login model window was not working.
  • Misc: widgets can now use an image upload control. The first widget to use this is the image box widget.
  • Fix: for buddypress styling issue – members, activity, groups pages and search form.
  • Fix: we switched to https all the post sharing links.
  • Misc: google fonts now always load as one file.
  • Fix: the mobile theme did not load the translations from the theme’s .po .mo files.
  • Fix: the Not Secured warning in chrome only appears now when the login box is open.
  • Misc: author box is added as a widget now.
  • Fix: featured images from vimeo videos are now larger.
  • Fix: ajax login works now via HTTPS.

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Newspaper Version 7.6 Update Log

  • New: DEMO – Beauty blog – a fresh and simple blog demo. Easy to use and beautifully designed.
  • New: The Plugin Page from where a user installs the included plugins was completely redesigned to be more user-friendly.
  • New: added support for block templates overwritten via the Theme API system in demos. All future demos can now load different block templates if needed.
  • New: the comment form is now validated with javascript. This was a long requested feature and we are very happy how it turned out.
  • Misc: Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version 5.0.1
  • Misc: Revolution Slider plugin updated to the latest version.
  • Fix: font panel CSS issues.
  • Misc: full compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Misc: CSS fixes in the theme panel and the welcome screen.
  • Fix: the tag ajax filter now displays the tags in the order of the id’s the user selects. Before it was alphabetical.
  • Misc: we finally updated the social icons and we also removed the icons for dead services. (Picasa, Posterous)
  • Misc: the Social Networks panel now checks each input to be correct. This prevents user error and bad URL’s that supposed to go to social networks profiles but instead go to 404 pages on the site.
  • Fix: password protected comments now work as expected.
  • Misc: we removed the max-width from srcset on images and the responsive images on mobile now work as expected.
  • Fix: Facebook videos that are in the content of the post now work and resize as expected.
  • Misc: On android, when a user uses the mobile search, it will autofocus on the input field now
  • Fix: home breadcrumb does not appear as structured data as required by the google metadata testing tool
  • Fix: smartlists that had image captions with HTML where broken. Now we fixed them.

Newspaper Version 7.5 Update Log

  • New: Author Block – this block shows the author picture, socials, and description. All in a nice and customizable design.
  • Image box block – this block is not just a simple image, it can be used to create banners, the show featured categories with custom images or just to show some images. It’s auto adjusting and fully customizable.
  • Fix: overlapping of Visual Composer and Newspaper tooltips while editing a page after the first install.
  • Misc: various core code refactoring and optimizations.
  • better theme documentation and better help text in the panel.
  • Misc: added used on for thumbnails in theme panel.
  • file path and names are now visible on each module, smart list, template etc on hover.
  • Misc: breadcrumbs markup, added BreadcrumbList schema.
  • In the System status panel, the theme now shows the license key used on the current install. We also have a button to remove the license from the install.
  • Fix: our blocks sometimes had issues auto adjusting the column count when placed in an inner row that is in a row
  • Wrong recommended columns in Visual Composer, new users found it difficult to find out on what column layouts our blocks work best
  • Fix: drag and drop meta box flicker in wp-admin while editing a page.

Newspaper Version 7.4 Update Log

  • New: we are very happy to announce that this version of the theme supports retina featured images.
  • New: twitter video support
  • Fix: Social counter header can be changed again
  • footer copyright section on the mobile theme now works as expected
  • Fix: fixed author name on mobile theme + theme logo
  • Fix: various bbPress CSS fixes
  • category template subcategory dropdown list color
  • Fix: better alignment for images without any alignment option (left, middle or right)
  • Fix: cleaned up the social counter CSS
  • WordPress RSS widget was broken
  • All blocks can now have the custom class name in the wrapper. The class can be added in visual composer while editing the block.

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Newspaper Version 7.3 Update Log

UPDATE NOTICE: Please note that this version does not work with legacy Visual Composer versions.

  • New: support for facebook featured videos. If a video from facebook is set as featured, the theme can automatically download the thumb and generate the embed player.
  • login, register and forgot password ajax windows, a complete and more modern redesign.
  • New: added support for full height rows, column position and content position on them in Visual Composer.
  • New: added support for parallax speed on rows
  • added support for equal height inner rows and content placement
  • New: fixed the blocks ajax filters. Now when padding is added from the design tab, the ajax filters will work as expected
  • setting to hide the author name on modules and on single posts independently. Previously there was only one global setting.
  • Misc: we cleaned the theme panel and the code is more organized now
  • all the blocks now show a notice to admins on the frontend when there are missing settings that are require.
  • Misc: all the advertising blocks now support an ad title
  • Misc: various google webmaster structured data issues have been fixed
  • the main theme loader is smoother now
  • Misc: added class to comment titles
  • Misc: we changed the way templates detect the Visual Composer plugin. The detection method is based on VC_ROW and it only triggers when VC_ROW is found in the content. This allows one to use shortcodes in the default templates that have sidebar + title.
  • Fix: bookmarklet missing on mobile theme
  • vertical sidebar text on admin TinyMCE editor
  • Fix: recipes demo spacing issue

Newspaper Version 7.2 Update Log

  • New: Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version 4.12
  • Check New: We added the Design options tab on most of the blocks.
  • New: Add support for custom fonts in theme panel that are upload via the WordPress media gallery. The custom fonts can be use just like before on most of the theme’s UI without writing any code.
  • New: the weather widget now opens an input if it’s unable to locate the user via the browser’s location API.
  • Misc: block parameres now have a better description
  • we fully rewrote the trending now block, it’s now cleaner and it works better
  • Misc: code improvements to the following shortcodes: td_block_big_grid_slide, td_block_homepage_full_1, td_block_ad_box and the video playlists
  • Improvement: the media gallery that is used in the theme panel is now less clutter and without the unseen options
  • Fix: the close button for the mobile menu was fix.
  • Fix: long author names now work fine on td_block_16 shortcode
  • long Instagram user ids now appear as expected on the widget and block
  • Fix: background ad now works as expected
  • Fix: styling issue on the install demos panel
  • exchange widget and block issue on some servers because we use https to access the API
  • Fix: Instagram widget warnings with wp-debug on when no Instagram id was present
  • Fix: mobile menu background height is now as expected

Newspaper Version 7 Update Log

  • fix: mobile menu appears on IE edge on refresh
  • fix: uninstall demos was not working as expect. In this version, it will remove the installed demo and restore the original content of the site. (including menus, widgets, and sidebars)
  • Misc: panel are getting freeze while saving in specific cases, mostly relate to categories
  • fix: Related articles filter was not working with the settings from the panel. If you choose related by tags and the post had no tags set.
  • fix: contributor users cannot change the post template now, this is more in line with WordPress
  • Security issues
  • fix: back to top on ie9
  • fix: missing woocommerce add to cart on mobiles

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